No. If you already have your own trading bots and strategies, you can still participate in liquidity mining by registering at Hummingbot Miner and adding your exchange read-only API key.

For the general pool of users who don't have their own trading bots, we created Hummingbot as a way to provide them access to quant/algo strategies and the ability to market maker.


Why does my orders only reflect Buy or Sell?

Having both Base and Quote currencies available on your exchange's spot assets will trigger both buy and sell orders. Having only one of either will only trigger one kind of order:

  • Quote asset only - Buy order
  • Base asset only - Sell order

Example: BTC/USDT

  • USDT assets only - Buy orders only
  • BTC assets only - Sell orders only
  • USDT and BTC - Buy and sell orders