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Becoming an Eagle Club member: how is progress calculated?


Email invitations for newly qualified Eagle Club members will be sent on a Thursday or Friday the same week after the Eagle Club badge appears on the Leaderboard page. Click HERE to learn more.

New Eagle Club memberships are evaluated every 4 weeks. In order to become a member, users must earn rewards during that window for at least 0.3% of the total rewards pool of the previous 4-week evaluation period. Progress towards that goal can be tracked on the Eagle Club section on the Leaderboard page:

For example:

Evaluation Period: Week 5 to 8

Total Reward Pool previous period:

Week 1: $60,000

Week 2: $55,000

Week 3: $65,000

Week 4: $60,000

User’s earned rewards (Week 5 to 8): $365.35

Minimum required rewards: $240,000*0.003 = $720

User’s progress: $600/$720= 50.74%


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