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KB: 0007


The Leaderboard page allows you to track and compare your rewards against the rest of the miners, check the current/previous campaign statistics.


Here's a screenshot of the Leaderboard page.


Leaderboard data can be configured by selecting different values in the "Previous Weeks" and "Market" dropdowns. This includes Total Bots; Total Rewards and Ranking. By default, the page shows results for the current week running.  

  • TOTAL BOTS - displays the total number of bots participating in liquidity mining.
  • TOTAL REWARDS - displays the total rewards for all miners.

For more information about Eagle Club and how to qualify as a member, see What is the Eagle Club.


Here's a screenshot that displays the Leaderboard ranking.

By default, the Ethereum address is displayed as the username. You can change the username by going to the Settings page.

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