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Why is my bot not earning rewards?

KB: 0054

Note: It may approximately take 30 minutes up to 1 hour for our system to start tracking newly created bots and crediting them with rewards.


Tips to ensure you're eligible for rewards:

  • Use the Order Tracking feature on Hummingbot Miner to ensure your read-only API has been configured properly and that the system is tracking your orders.

  • API keys on main account should be used separately on sub account
  • Make sure you are not running Hummingbot in Paper Trade mode, which is not placing real orders.
  • Make sure you are running token pairs for currently live campaigns and that your orders are being placed at spreads tighter than the max spread for that trading pair.
  • If you are running Hummingbot locally on your computer, make sure your machine has not gone to sleep, been turned off, or lost internet connection which would prevent Hummingbot from creating orders.
  • Make sure the orders are not outstanding for more than 30 minutes.  The system currently limits eligible orders to ones that have been placed within the past 30 minutes.


If you can confirm that you've followed the points above, you can email your order history for a particular market to or submit a request here on Zendesk. You can also message us on our Discord Server. Make sure to use or include the email address registered for liquidity mining.


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