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What happens to rewards that are not allocated?

There are several reasons why the daily reward pool might not be totally allocated on any given day:

  • Since for some reward pools we impose a cap on the max amount of rewards that any single user can get, if less than 100/cap users hit the cap, we will be left with unallocated rewards.
  • If we have an outage during which we cannot pick up user’s activity for any particular day, we will be left with that/those day’s rewards unallocated
  • No users participate during any given day

Any “leftover” rewards will be evenly distributed between the remaining days in the active period (Tuesday 00:00 UTC to Monday 23:59 UTC ).

E.g: $1,400 weekly pool—> $200 daily pool, only $100 gets allocated on first day, remaining pool is now $1,300, so new daily rewards become $1,300/6= $216.7 and so on (day’s pool = Total Remaining Pool/Remaining days in period)

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