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What are API Rate Limits?

KB: 0066

API rate limit is the number of requests that a specific API or user can make within a given time frame. All API's requests are subject to rate limits. When this rate limit is exceeded, the requests that are done or the amount of calls using the said API or user may fail and be throttled.


Exchange API Rate Limits


  • 1,200 request weight per minute (keep in mind that this is not necessarily the same as 1,200 requests)
  • 50 orders per 10 seconds
  • 160,000 orders per 24 hours

Click here for Binance's full API Documentation.



  • Rate limitation of “open order” (POST /api/v1/orders) in spot market: 45/3s per UserId.
  • Rate limitation of “open order” (POST /api/v1/orders) in future market: 30/3s per UserId.

Click here for KuCoin's full API Documentation.



  • Place multiple orders in a batch. If any order(s) fails our basic check, the whole batch request will fail.
  • You may submit up to 10 orders at a time. Server will respond with error if you submit more than 10 orders.

Click here for AscendEX' full API Documentation.

  • User can only execute maximum to 50 requests per second for each connected channel.

Click here for's full API Documentation.

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