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System Status

KB: 0009

System status allows you to track and check the Hummingbot system status for any incident report, data pipeline upgrade, and uptime data. Go to this link to visit the System Status page.

Alternatively, you can also navigate to the System Status page by clicking on the status indicator beside the Hummingbot logo on your miner account header:


The following screenshot displays the status page.


To check system status:

  1. Click the status icon beside the Hummingbot logo on top of the page (the status is only displayed when you log into the miner app) or click Status.
  2. Scroll down to check past incidents or mouse over each column in the status row for a summary of the incident.
  3. Click View historical uptime to display the past system events.



It is recommended to subscribe to System Status updates to receive notifications about issues that affect the Hummingbot system.



Click here if you want to get support for an issue that you're experiencing with your Hummingbot experience.


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