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Rollover rewards: What happens to rewards during outages or no miner activity?

KB: 0048


  • What happens to rewards for snapshots where they are not or can not be allocated to miners?
  • What happens to rewards when there are system outages (exchange or Hummingbot miner)?
  • What happens to rewards if there's a snapshot with no valid miner orders?

These questions are similar, in that they result in rewards not being allocated to miners for a particular snapshot(s).


Example causes for rewards not being allocated:

Miner system outage

There may be periods of time when order data is not being collected from users and orders are not being tracked. This could happen due to Miner processing issues or Miner-Exchange connectivity issues

Exchange downtime (upgrades, outages)

During an exchange downtime due to outages or planned upgrades, users will not be able to place new trades so there will be no eligible orders during the corresponding snapshots

No miners are active in a snapshot

No valid, eligible orders from any miner in a particular snapshot



In case of a Miner system outage during which eligible orders were placed by users, rewards will be calculated retroactively once the system becomes operational again. There might be some specific situations when this is not possible and rewards will not be allocated to some or all users (eg. API banning by the exchange).

In all other cases in which there were no eligible orders during a specific period, either due to outages or to lack of miner activity, rewards are rolled over and can be earned by miners in the next snapshot.  This may continue, with rewards accumulating, until finally the accumulated rewards can be allocated to miners.

Below is an illustration:


Due to a system outage from minutes 2 through 6, the rewards that would have been earned in those periods are rolled over to minute 7, when the system is back to fully operational.

As a result, miners participating in minute 7 share the total accumulated reward pool, which is now 6 snapshots' worth of rewards.


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