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OOE payouts delayed

Due to the recent exploit of Poly Network, OpenOcean has decided to migrate to a new contract and re-issue their token. Although the token is still active on KuCoin and can be traded normally, the exchange is still finalizing the migration process and, in the meantime, has paused all deposits or withdrawals.


Since we have no way of knowing if any given Miner user OOE wallet address belongs to the old KuCoin wallets, we will be delaying rewards payouts until KuCoin finalizes the migration. The OOE campaign will remain active and new rewards will be accrued normally.


If you hold any tokens outside your KuCoin wallet, please follow these instructions to migrate them to the new OOE token.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but we are doing this to protect users' funds and avoid token losses.

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