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New Wallet and Payouts feature rollout!

We are thrilled to announce that we have deployed the new Wallet setting interface!

We have completely redesigned the whole process to provide more flexibility to our users. This new design replaces the old wallet setting tab with two new ones: a wallet setup tab and a payouts assignment tab. While the former allows for the setup of wallets on any of the supported networks, the latter lets users specify what wallet should be used to payout rewards on a token by token basis:



Furthermore, it is now also possible to assign different wallets to the same reward token, depending on which exchange it was earned on. For example, if the user participates in two campaigns, one in Binance and one in KuCoin, both paying out rewards in USDT, he can specify different wallets (running on the same or different chains) for each campaign. This provides even more flexibility and facilitates the reinvestment of rewards into liquidity mining.

While we have migrated previously set up wallets into the new payouts system, since it is now possible to select multiple chains for many of the rewards tokens, we will need your help setting up some of the token-wallet assignments. Instructions on how to do it and some other wallet-related features can be found in this article.


Please be advised that any new wallet or token assignments made after Wednesdays 00:00 UTC will not get picked up by the payouts processing system until the next distribution period.

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