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New milestone: $2bn filled order volume


10,000+ signups, 2,800+ liquidity miners who’ve earned rewards, 3 supported exchanges, and now we reached another milestone!

We are immensely proud at achieving a new major milestone: the total filled order volume has surpassed US$2 billion since the launch of Hummingbot Miner! The US$1 billion milestone in total filled order volume takes us one year; while with ever-increasing participation from liquidity miners, token issuers, and exchange partners, we spent only 4 months to reach the new US$2 billion milestone! In addition, our total rewards paid have surpassed US$1 million this week.




Although liquidity mining does not reward based on filled order volume nor does it guarantee a certain amount of filled order volume, the filled order volume is a great indicator for the growth of participation. The accelerated growth demonstrates the power of decentralized market making as a cost-efficient alternative to traditional market making and the trust from the industry and the trader community. 

We pride ourselves on bringing liquidity mining to the next level by partnering with more exchange and token partners. In addition, words cannot express our gratitude to our 15K-member strong user and developer community for dedicating their time and energy to participate in liquidity mining. Let’s turbocharge our growth, and reach the next milestone together soon!




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