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Hummingbot Miner payout chain support update

Discontinuing payouts on FIRO, SCRT, Symbol, and XEM

In an effort to simplify and streamline the liquidity mining payouts systems, we will be discontinuing support for the following chains:

  • FIRO
  • SCRT
  • Symbol
  • XEM

Campaigns for these tokens have long-since ended, so we will be discontinuing support for these chains.  Payout support for these chains may resume in the future should they start new campaigns.

All accrued and unpaid rewards will be paid out with the last distribution date being Jan 27th 2022.  If you have any unpaid rewards on any of these chains, please make sure to enter a valid wallet address in the Hummingbot Miner app settings before Jan 24th 2022.  Any unclaimed rewards will be donated to the Hummingbot Foundation.


Avalanche (AVAX) payments migration to C-Chain and BEP20

We will also be migrating AVAX payments to Avalanche’s C-Chain as well as supporting BEP20 AVAX payments on Binance Smart Chain, and discontinuing support for AVAX payments on Avalanche’s X-chain.

The last X-chain payout will also be on  Jan 27th 2022.  Any unpaid AVAX payouts past this date will automatically roll over but will require users to enter a C-chain or Binance Smart Chain wallet address to continue receiving AVAX reward distributions.

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