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Hummingbot Blog Post Competition 

We’re excited to announce a Hummingbot blog post competition to support user-generated content within our community and to help users become better market makers! Writers of the top three winning blog posts will be awarded with a 500 USD cash prize and have the opportunity to have their blog posts posted in our Hummingbot Academy & Blog site. Here are more details of the competition: 


Anyone who submits a blog will be awarded a $100 USDT

  • Blog Post content & topic: 
      • Goal of the blog post is to provide practical tips and advice to miners to become better market makers. We are flexible in terms of the topic and the format of the article. Feel free to use your creativity to figure out a blog post content and format that is helpful for miners: whether it’s running your own bot experiments with different strategies and sharing some learnings, interviewing miners, or writing some concrete tips for miners to become better at market making or making decisions.  
  • Prize for all participants: 
      • Every participant who participates, with a reasonable blog post content quality, (i.e. an article that is written with reasonable effort, not to game this system just for a prize), will be awarded with $100 USDT as a token of appreciation of your effort. 
  • Winners:
      • USD$500 for each of the top 3 winners, which will be selected by the CoinAlpha team. We may post the article publicly on Hummingbot Academy / Blog site. 
      • The winners may also be offered an opportunity to engage continuously with Hummingbot for writing commissions. 
      • If there are more article submissions (excluding the winners’ articles) that we would like to use and post publicly on the Hummingbot Academy site, we will offer a $500USD as a token of appreciation.
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