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How USD value is calculated in accrued rewards tab

KB: 0047

This article provides information on the calculation of USD value in Accrued Balance in the payouts tab. 



The USD value showed here in Accrued Balance is the total value of rewards earned and it uses the historical price when the rewards are earned.

The USD amount displayed is not the total current USD value. The USD amount displayed is calculated (for display purposes only) at the time when the reward was earned. For example:


Payout for the week ending November 9, 2021

KuCoin0.350514201 XCAD$2.85-Unpaid


Payout for the week ending November 16, 2021

XCAD-USDTKuCoin0.053727305 XCAD$0.40-Unpaid
The USD value here in your unpaid amounts would be totaled in Accrued Balance. The USD value doesn’t affect the amount of rewards. So miners will always receive whatever amount of rewards has been earned.
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