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How to update your Hummingbot client

KB: 0063

This article will help you with how you can update your Hummingbot client to its latest version. 

It's important to use the latest version of the bot as in some cases, it may affect the rewards or order tracking. Please do note that Binary builds are no longer supported. Docker and Source builds are now the only supported versions in terms of app updates. 


To check if and update your : 

  1. Check this Release notes page to keep your Hummingbot up to date.
  2. Open the client and on the upper-left corner of the app, confirm the current version. (In this case, it's 0.46.0)

  3. Update your Hummingbot client to the latest version. 
  4. If your Hummingbot client is still in the Binary version, proceed to installing it via Docker or Source. 
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