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How to claim HBOT Token?

KB: 0015


Claiming of HBOT tokens have ended. Click here to know more about Unclaimed HBOT Tokens.


You can use any wallet address that supports ERC-20 tokens as long as it is NOT an exchange deposit wallet address.

The only official site where recipients can claim tokens is located at (the “Claim Site”). Please make sure that your browser is loading this URL before using the site.

After login, the Claim Site will display a user’s token allocation (if any), and users will be able to input an Ethereum wallet address where they would like to receive their HBOT tokens.

How to Access the Claim Site

Github code contributors

Github users who are eligible to claim HBOT tokens will be added to the following private Hummingbot Foundation Github repository: This private repository will provide eligible code contributors with instructions on how to confirm their email address or provide their Hummingbot Miner email address or alternative address that they would like to use for the claim process. Afterward, users can log in to the Claim Site with that address.

Hummingbot Miner users

Users of Hummingbot Miner who are eligible to claim tokens can visit the Claim Site and log in with their Miner credentials.

Weekly Distributions

The Hummingbot Foundation expects to distribute tokens to Github code contributors and Hummingbot Miner users who have submitted valid Ethereum wallet addresses in weekly distributions. For administrative purposes, the HBOT token claim period will be divided into weekly periods. Users who have claimed tokens and inputted their Ethereum wallet addresses will receive the tokens during the subsequent week.

For example:

  • Initial weekly claim period: December 17, 2021 00:00 UTC to December 24, 2021 00:00 UTC

  • Initial distribution window: Between December 24, 2021 00:00 UTC and December 31, 2021 00:00 UTC

The first distributions of tokens will occur during the initial distribution window for users who claimed tokens in the initial weekly claim period. This process will repeat weekly throughout the entire claim period through the end of February 2021.

The Hummingbot Foundation plans to maintain some flexibility on the precise timing for distributing tokens to account for, among other things, prevailing Ethereum gas prices. Users will be notified by email when their respective HBOT tokens have been distributed to them.


How can I claim my HBOT Token and what wallet address should I use?

How to claim HBOT Token :

  1. Go to

  2. Login and use your Miner Account.

  3. After confirming the magic link. You will now be redirected to the home page of the claiming site. You can now input any wallet address that supports ERC-20 tokens as long as it is NOT an exchange deposit wallet address.

  4. Add the HBOT token contract address to your MetaMask 

  5. Click import tokens

  6. Click Custom Token and paste the HBOT token contract address, then click Add Custom Token

  7. HBOT token will now show on your MetaMask



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