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How to add USDT - ERC20/TRC20 wallet address

KB: 0026


Please be advised that any new wallet or token assignments made after Wednesdays 00:00 UTC will not get picked up by the payouts processing system until the next distribution period.

You can use a USDT ERC20 address but the rewards are subject to a minimum payout amount. Add your wallet address under Ethereum. Read more regarding minimum payout in this Reddit post.



Alternatively, you can enter a USDT TRC20 address, which is not subject to a minimum payout amount. In other words, you can receive any amount of your USDT rewards on the next payout. Add your wallet address under Tron.


The most reliable way to receive USDT on the TRON network is through your Exchange. Simply go to your Wallet, find the deposit page of USDT and select the TRON Network. 


Note: The Memo ⚠ code will only be required if the wallet address provides, leave blank if otherwise


To get full info about new wallets feature, visit this ARTICLE.

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