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How is performance calculated?

KB: 0018


Please be informed that this feature is unavailable at the moment.

Performance allows you to track your P&L and trade volume chart over time(last hour/last day/last week) for each liquidity campaign that you participate in.

The following screenshot displays the performance summary.

  1. Click (last hour/last day/last week) for the desired duration.
  2. Click desired market pair from the list. The chart, trade summary, and P&L table will display the statistics.
  3. Click the Trade volume chart, the volume of trades that were filled/executed over the duration(last hour/last day/last week) will be displayed.

How is performance calculated?

Trading P&L = base_asset_trade_delta * base_asset_usd_exchange_rate (at the end of query period) + quote_asset_trade_delta *quote_asset_usd_exchange_rate (at the end of query period) - sum (fee_amount * fee_asset_usd_exchange_rate (at time of transaction)) for each trade.

Total P&L = trading_p&l + sum(liquidity_mining_rewards * (at the end of query period))

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