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dMiner Settings

Settings allow you to set up or change the Trading Wallets, Payout Wallets, Payouts, and Profile.



Here are your display name and the profile image you would like to input. You can delete and upload a new picture here. Changes made to both the name and profile picture will also affect the user profile on the Miner.


Trading Wallets

Here you can add wallets in order to track your trading activity and calculate your rewards, we need you to provide and sign the wallet addresses you will use to trade on the decentralized exchanges. You may set up as many wallets as you want. You cannot add wallets that are already added by another user.


Payout Wallets

Here you can set up wallets to be used for payout purposes. You should see a list of all supported chains (same as in the Miner) and be able to add wallets to each chain.

By clicking on “Add new wallet”, you should be able to add a wallet for that specific chain. When adding a wallet, the address, memo (if needed), a label, and optionally choose what token should be paid out to this wallet. The chain will be auto-populated based on the previous chain selection, although it can be modified if needed. You should be able to choose if you want to assign the wallet to all exchanges or to specific ones.



Here you can set up for each payout token, the wallet they should be paid out to. You should see a list of all available payout tokens and the accrued quantity for each. Upon clicking on each token, you should be able to pick a wallet (if you already added a supported wallet) or add a new one, if needed. You can choose between Multiple or Single mode. If Multiple mode is selected, you will be able to pick different wallets for different exchanges. Same as in the miner.

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