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dMiner important announcement

Hi miners, 

As you know, for the last few weeks, we have been experiencing an increased number of issues on dMiner, affecting both order tracking and payouts. We thought we had solved those issues with the latest fixes applied last week, but unfortunately problems persist, resulting in a bad user experience for all of you.

Those of you that have been active on Miner for some time now know that we are committed to providing the best UX to our users, since we value our community above all else. That is why we feel the proper thing to do at his point is to pause all dMiner campaigns for the next 2 weeks, starting on April 18th at 00:00 UTC. This should give us enough time to pinpoint all bugs, fix them and go through QA.

We did our best to avoid reaching this point, but keeping things running in the current state would be unfair to all of you. We understand you might find this disappointing, but we are confident this will result in a more robust platform, with a UX up to our usual standards. It will also give us the ability to easily integrate additional DEXs into dMiner, providing you with more ways to earn rewards.

Finally, we would like to clarify that all of your trades up to this point will not be lost. Once all issues are fixed, we will recalculate all missing rewards up to today (April 17th 23:59 UTC) and pay them out as soon as we are back online.

Thank you for participating in dMiner and for your support and understanding during the last few weeks. We will post further updates soon.

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