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Changing Wallet Address

Disclaimer: Please be advised that any new wallet or token assignments made after Wednesday's 00:00 UTC will not get picked up by the payouts processing system until the next distribution period.

Each liquidity mining campaign has its own rewards payments terms, which may include paying out tokens to wallets on that issuer's blockchain. To ensure you receive all of the rewards earned, make sure to enter the relevant wallet details for campaigns that you are participating in.

  • If you have earned rewards for a campaign for which you have not yet provided a wallet, the rewards will accumulate and only be paid out once you have provided a wallet address.
  • The wallet address is used for receiving payouts only, you do not need to deposit assets into or trade using this wallet.


How to update your wallet address

  1. Log in to

  2. Click Settings

  3. On the left column choose Wallets and click the wallet to where you would be changing the address and choose Disconnect

  4. Click Delete Credentials

  5. Click the Connect along the wallet row, and enter your new wallet address

  6. Click Connect. Your new wallet address is now connected to Miner App

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