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Announcing liquidity mining (Beta)! joins forces with Hummingbot Miner
Official launch of liquidity mining on with a US$12,000 reward pool. 

CoinAlpha is proud to welcome to the Hummingbot Miner platform. We will be launching two beta campaigns on with a total reward pool of USDT 12,000 for two eligible pairs! The 4-week campaigns will be launched on October 26, 2021 for BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT pairs. Stay tuned for new campaigns starting in the next couple of weeks! 

The launch of liquidity mining on, our fourth supported exchange for Hummingbot Miner, marks one more step further to achieving our mission to scale liquidity mining to most major exchanges. 

Beta period: note that this initial launch on is a beta testing period, which will allow us to test out the infrastructure. Miners are still earning rewards as per usual campaigns. During this time, we will be collecting feedback from users and regularly updating miners and the community on system performance or any issues that may be encountered. 

Join liquidity mining on

Hummingbot boasts successful experience launching and managing liquidity mining campaigns on leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, and AscendEX. With over 80 token projects participating since the platform launch in March 2020, Hummingbot Miner has become a valuable resource for projects and exchanges seeking decentralized liquidity with all the marketing and exposure the platform offers. With over $2.5 billion of filled order volume to date, we are confident the partnership with will help all parties achieve success.

The liquidity mining launch bears strategic significance for both and Hummingbot by unlocking endless exciting opportunities for both token issuers and crypto traders (i.e. liquidity miners). For issuers who list their tokens on, Hummingbot Miner offers a cost-efficient, data-driven, and community-oriented alternative for liquidity provision. Benefits of a liquidity mining campaign include but are not limited to promoting token liquidity and price discovery, and increasing the project exposure and awareness. For traders, the additional exchange integration provides miners a new playground to learn new projects, compete with fellow miners, have fun, and earn more rewards as the total campaigns available increase.

Beta Campaign Terms²

  • Start date: 
    • October 26, 2021 12:00 AM UTC 
  • Eligible token pairs: 
    • BTC/USDT: USDT 1,500 per week for 4 weeks
    • ETH/USDT: USDT 1,500 per week for 4 weeks
  • Eligible orders: maker orders placed with spreads of 1.0% or lower
  • Exchange: (setup an account through the link to support Hummingbot)

About was founded in 2013, it is a TOP10 exchange of global digital asset trading and real volume. With security being one of our top features, provides 100% security deposit audit certificates, adhering to the operating principles that there are no currency listing fees, no counterfeiting, and no scalping. Legally registered in many countries around the world, operations include global business, technology, blockchain research institute, and customer service center. We provide safe, reliable, true and transparent digital asset trading services for over 6 million users in more than 130 countries and regions around the world.'s main products are spot and contract trading, legal currency transactions, derivatives, sesame finance, quantitative trading, and startup. Ecological construction involves GateChain, HipoDeFi, NFT Box, GateGrants,,, etc. We support 800 digital currencies and more than 1,700 trading pairs of investment transactions, provide users with high-quality digital asset trading and financial services, and fully guarantee the user's transaction information and asset security.

*For full terms of the campaign, please see liquidity mining campaign terms. To learn more about liquidity mining, see below:

Important notes and disclaimers

Please review the Liquidity Mining Policy for the full disclaimer, including policies related to the use of Hummingbot.

The content of this Site does not constitute investment, financial, legal, or tax advice: none of the information contained on this Site constitutes a recommendation, solicitation, or offers to buy or sell any digital assets, securities, options, or other financial instruments or other assets, or to provide any investment advice or service.

No guarantee of profit: CoinAlpha does not claim that liquidity mining and participation in liquidity mining campaigns will be profitable, however measured, for the user. Liquidity mining yields are a measure of rewards compared to assets used for liquidity mining, excluding any gains or losses incurred from the underlying trading strategy.

  1. Eligibility requirements: participation in liquidity mining is subject to eligibility requirements as specified in the liquidity mining policy.
  2. Campaign terms subject to change: terms may be modified over the course of the campaign. We will announce any changes, if any, on our discord and reddit; the most up-to-date terms will also be posted on the liquidity mining campaign terms and the miners app.
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