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Additional Campaign Terms

KB: 0013

Wallet address

Participants must enter a valid wallet address applicable for the campaign that they are participating in. Wallet addresses are used for receiving payouts only, you do not need to deposit assets into or trade using this wallet. For more details on how to obtain a wallet address and its requirements, please refer to our docs on Hummingbot Help Center.


  • Please be advised that any new wallet or token assignments made after Wednesdays 00:00 UTC will not get picked up by the payouts processing system until the next distribution period.
  • CoinAlpha does not take any responsibility and will not reimburse for any loss of funds due to a participant submitting an incorrect or invalid wallet address.


Orders age limit

Currently, orders outstanding or active for more than an hour are not counted for rewards. We will work on removing this limit is in progress. You can read more about it in our Reddit post.

If you are using Hummingbot trading software, the parameter max_order_age available in pure market making strategy and liquidity mining strategy can help ensure that orders do not stay outstanding for longer than an hour.


Minimum Reward Payment Amount

In response to fluctuating gas prices, we are making the minimum threshold for ERC20 token payouts per ERC20 token payout dynamic and a function of the gas cost for an average gas token transfer. Reward payments on non-Ethereum blockchains (e.g., NEM, Algorand, and Tron) are not subject to this minimum payout amount.

Minimum payout amount = 10 x (prevailing average gas cost for ERC20 token payment)

For miners who earn less than the required payout amount for this week, their rewards will be accrued and rolled over to the next period and displayed under Accrued Balance table. Read more in this Reddit post.

NOTE: This limit is only for campaigns paying out rewards on the Ethereum blockchain. For campaigns paying in USDT (excluding the Algorand campaign which pays out in USDT ASA), users can enter a Tron wallet and instead receive USDT rewards into this wallet, not subject to the minimum payments amount.
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